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SINT-TRUIDERSTEENWEG  137   3840 BORGLOON  +32486883969


The reconstruction of the house into a sculpture and the development of a platform to accommodateartists was made possible and realised by Robijns himself. The project was supported during the construction phase by the Flemish master builder. The substantive programme of Reset was made possible with the support of around twenty private individuals, and the Flemish Community. 

Yvan Vanmol, Johan Smets, Yves Janssen, Erwin Goegebeur, Miek Warson, Marc Vreys, Joris Vanroy, Jo Francois, Paul De Geyter, Stad Borgloon , Edith Penxten en Luc Heylands , IdeArté

Reset is made possible by the generous support of Michiel van Deurzen and Tommy Simoes Gallery
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