SINT-TRUIDERSTEENWEG  137   3840 BORGLOON  +32486883969



Reset is situated at the end of a cul-de-sac overlooking the Haspengouw fields. Gert Robijns opted to conceal the entire original volume along the street side behind brickwork. By placing a façade in the foreground, the gaze is diverted to the garden and the landscape. In the extension of this, Robijns has allowed climatic conditions to evolve. This thought process however brings to mind the aspect of fields. That is why Robijn erects greenhouses in which traditional cultivation merges seamlessly into the view of processes employed by farmers. This is a project involving synthesis, featuring a retrospective inclusion of portions of Robijns’ oeuvre, but which at the same time also exhibits a new part of his interests. As with Reset, space is afforded to artists within this framework.