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SINT-TRUIDERSTEENWEG  137   3840 BORGLOON  +32486883969


Reset is a 1:1 sculpture based on the home of Gert Robijns’ grandparents, which was moved only 10 cm during the intervention. The former home was demolished and hollowed out. During the construction process, the main structure was preserved and new volumes were created to replace the extensions that had been built over the years. Robijns single-handedly built the new volume 10 cm next to the original foundations. For this, he used the purple-blue bricks that were baked in traditional coal-fired ring kilns. The façade still strongly echoes the image of the original house, built in the style of the worker’s house of the 1950s. However, by sealing shut all the openings and making all the floor sections of one and the same type of brick, the result  is a strange building, which is a crossing between a traditional house and a monolithic sculpture. Along the back, the sculpture has two enormous glass openings that offer a view of the Haspengouw landscape. At this point, the sculptural form of the front side tilts towards contemporary architectural volume.Reset expresses the narrative of a clearing up, a purging, and then starting all over again. Reset is concerned with the physical and mental action of transposing objects and volumes; this is a recurring and unique theme that runs through all of Robjins’ work. 

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